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  • Oscar De La Hoya Casa Mexico Tequila

Meet The Familia – Oscar De La Hoya Biography

Oscar De La Hoya has accomplished many things in his life, from winning 10 boxing world titles in six different weight classes to becoming an accomplished and prominent entrepreneur, artist, and philanthropist.

  • 4 A perfect cinco de mayo tequila

Bartenders Share Their Secrets For A Perfect Cinco de Mayo

Here at Casa M茅xico we鈥檙e getting ready to celebrate one of our most favorite days of the year: National Margarita Day. Every February 22nd we break out our finest margarita glasses, cue up the limes and line up our premium tequilas. It鈥檚 like we were born for this day.

  • CasaMexico ML MardDay 34

Celebrate National Margarita Day with Casa M茅xico Tequila

Here at Casa M茅xico we鈥檙e getting ready to celebrate one of our most favorite days of the year: National Margarita Day. Every February 22nd we break out our finest margarita glasses, cue up the limes and line up our premium tequilas. It鈥檚 like we were born for this day.

  • CasaMexico Charity 85

A Healthy Alternative to the Margarita

Though we always advocate for moderation, we see no reason why a fruit-based cocktail can't also include additional ingredients that also make you feel good and alive.

  • DSC01582 1

The Golden Boy Continues To Inspire

The Golden Boy cocktail pays homage to the boxer, man and legend, Oscar De La Hoya. Innovative bartender Dan Rook created it. Dan is a nationally recognized veteran of bars, and much like Oscar has fought his way through the ranks. He began his career in Chicago pubs, more recently making his way to Hollywood with the sole mission of teaching Angelenos how to drink better drinks.聽聽

  • CasaMexico GraciasMadre 2

The (Still Mostly) Truth About Tequila

Let鈥檚 get this straight. Agave is a succulent, one of great variety. The plant that makes tequila isn't the same one that yields in mezcal, for example, though every tequila is technically a mezcal (but not the other way around). Preparation aside, raw inputs and regions where each is produced are very distinct. Much like with fine wines - each has a unique terroir, you just can't lump everything simply into agave - el maguey.

  • CasaMexico GarnishGuy 65

In Pursuit: The Perfect Margarita

Today we meet with Josue Romero, The Garnish Guy from Instagram, to deconstruct one of our favorite drinks, the Perfect Margarita. Josue joined us to talk a bit about how to create the perfect margarita of the popular tequila-based drink, in this case, using fresh strawberries, brown sugar, and mint.

  • CasaMexico GarnishGuy 47

B煤squeda: La Margarita Perfecta

Hoy nos reunimos con Josue Romero, The Garnish Guy de Instagram, para crear una de nuestras bebidas favoritas: la Margarita. Josue se reuni贸 con nosotros para hablar un poco sobre c贸mo crear la versi贸n perfecta de la popular bebida a base de tequila, en este caso, usando fresas frescas, az煤car morena y menta. Y aunque la perfecci贸n en su mundo suele ser sin贸nimo de complejidad y ejecuci贸n impecable, hubo algunos conceptos simples que cualquiera puede poner en pr谩ctica para construir la Margarita Perfecta.

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Blanco Tequila

Blanco tequila (also known as silver) is unaged or bottled right after the distillation process, making it a clear, uncolored spirit. Unlike an anejo tequila, it does not go through any kind of aging process after distillation. Since it does not age in oak barrels, this tequila gives you the best representation of the blue agave plant flavor.

It is typically distilled from 100% blue agave plant in stainless steel containers. Casa Mexico鈥檚 tequila is baked slowly in clay ovens, then naturally fermented and double-distilled to make it a remarkably smooth spirit. This variance of tequila is considered to be the purest form of tequila.

Delicious Alcoholic Drink You Can Make Yourself With Blanco Tequila

Blanco Tequila is a bold-flavored spirit that can be used to mix up various alcoholic beverages that are sure to please your taste buds. Whether you are in the mood for a simple margarita or tequila sunrises, Casa Mexico Tequila will make your cocktail more delicious and enticing.

Click here to find out how to make The Perfect Margarita.

Use our online shop to get yourself a bottle of our unaged Casa Mexico Tequila to add to your home bar or liquor cabinet. Everyone will be talking about how smooth our tequila brands are at your next party or celebration.

Reposado Tequila

Reposado is a fine tequila, well balanced between an aged anejo鈥檚 complexity and a young Blanco tequila鈥檚 tasty flavor. Some may say that it is the best of both worlds. A reposado is aged for 11 months in oak barrels.

This aging is the perfect amount of time to age tequila to attain an ideal balance between the notes from the oak barrels and the agave flavor.

It is very fitting that 鈥渞eposado鈥 means 鈥渞ested鈥 in Spanish since this tequila gets its deliciousness from having a long, relaxing rest in oak barrels.

How Do They Make It?

In order to make a complex reposado without losing the original agave flavor of silver tequila, we use new American Oak barrels to age our spirit, while other tequila brands may use French Oak barrels. In the process of aging the spirit, glycerin is slowly absorbed from the wood, which generates distinctive flavor notes that compliment the sweet profile of the agave. Aging in the oak barrels also gives this tequila its natural golden color without any artificial color being added.

The Best Way To Drink Reposado Tequila

Thanks to its aging, reposado tequila will develop a delightful flavor profile that you can enjoy served neat (straight out of the bottle). It is well-balanced and also goes well in popular mixed drinks and alcoholic beverages.

The complex flavor of this tequila mixes well in Palomas, Margaritas, Tequinis, Juan Collins, or even used as a tequila substitute for other liquors in well-known cocktail recipes.

Try using our Casa Mexico Reposado Tequila as a substitute for whiskey or cognac in a classic Manhattan by adding a bit of dry and sweet vermouth and viola!

Anejo Tequila

Anejo to tequila is like bourbon is to whiskey. This tequila is thoroughly aged in oak barrels for at least a year to earn its name as an anejo. It is from this aging that the anejo gets its distinct, spicy, and warm flavor.

Due to aging, an anejo is great for sipping straight instead of mixing in a cocktail. The traditional Mexican style of drinking this tequila is in a rocks glass with the rim lined with salt and a lemon wedge to garnish.

Although Casa Mexico makes several different types of tequila, we do not currently produce a Joven tequila, mezcal, or extra a帽ejo tequila.

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