A Healthy Alternative to the Margarita

Though we always advocate for moderation, we see no reason why a fruit-based cocktail can't also include additional ingredients that also make you feel good and alive.
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The Golden Boy Continues To Inspire

The Golden Boy cocktail pays homage to the boxer, man and legend, Oscar De La Hoya. Innovative bartender Dan Rook created it. Dan is a nationally recognized veteran of bars, and much like Oscar has fought his way through the ranks.
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The (Still Mostly) Truth About Tequila

Let’s get this straight. Agave is a succulent, one of great variety. The plant that makes tequila isn't the same one that yields in mezcal, for example, though every tequila is technically a mezcal (but not the other way around).
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In Pursuit: The Perfect Margarita

Today we meet with Josue Romero, The Garnish Guy from Instagram, to deconstruct one of our favorite drinks, the Margarita. Josue joined us to talk a bit about how to create the perfect version of the popular tequila-based drink, in this case, using fresh strawberries, brown sugar, and mint.
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Búsqueda: La Margarita Perfecta

Hoy nos reunimos con Josue Romero, The Garnish Guy de Instagram, para crear una de nuestras bebidas favoritas: la Margarita.
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