Here’s Casa México’s Guide to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day! 

It’s a day of celebration for Mexicans and millions of Mexican Americans who remember a historic moment, often drinking top-shelf tequila in cocktails, neat or with ice.

September 15 is a day marked with celebrations, with fireworks and displays of vibrant patriotism spilling through the streets of the capital, Mexico City. It is also a day of remembrance for many of those who went down as heroes during that time. The festivities are underway. 

If you’re in Los Angeles, from where our founders come from, it’s tough to escape Mexican culture. It is, after all, the place where millions of Mexicans and Mexican descendants call home. It influences everything that we do, from clothing to language, ultimately shaping our city. Mexican Independence Day is usually a lively time to be an Angeleno, as most carry this day with pride and a sense of accomplishment, even from far away. And this year, it couldn’t be any different. Despite limitations, you can still head to Olvera Street for a lively annual celebration of art, folklore, music, and some good tequila to add some responsible fun to the mix. From architecture to cuisine – you can see Mexican culture resonating in the small details of everyday life.

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East LA Mexican Independence Day Parade and Festival

We’re disappointed to learn that one of the longest-running Mexican Independence Day parades in the U.S., the Mexican Independence Day Parade and Festival, was entirely canceled for the 2020 edition. In a typical year not called 2020, you’d probably see Oscar de La Hoya among other advocates of the Mexican American community in attendance to celebrate. The event is a staple of Mexican American Heritage, typically taking place on Mednik Avenue and Cesar E. Chavez Avenue in East LA. – it’s worth recognizing it for the cultural value it provides to the community.

Virtual Events for Music Lovers

Mexican Independence Day is a time to also remember the wonderful Mexican American music that’s traveled north of the border with its descendants. 

Los Angeles Lindo y Querido is one band to know – their music inspires and reminds us of Los Lobos (La Bamba) among other famous rock bands from the time. It is commonly associated with the Chicano movement that shaped Mexican American culture in the United States. Those who didn’t know Mexican music for its rock and roll roots and influences should pause and see how rich that universe is. This year, you can catch the celebration of music in a two-day virtual event online.

This two-day virtual event taking place on September 15-16 will bring festivities to YouTube and Twitter channels.


Cocktails to Go from the Bartender to You

To help you celebrate, head to your favorite restaurant and check their menu. You will likely find your favorite cocktail to take home with a special meal while celebrating with those close to you. Or head to an open patio near you, where slowly, but surely, we’re getting our hospitality partners back to work. And that means more tequila drinks for us to enjoy. 

Take the Paloma from bartender Clare Ward, currently featured at her swanky, casual West Hollywood, CA joint. If a patio is not in your future for dinner, you can try her concoctions at home with minimal work.

They are genuinely astonishing, and knowing us, we had to have at least two of each – tequila or not. 

Forget To-Go, Get It Delivered to Your Doorstep Instead

In 2020 delivery apps popped up everywhere. For those of us who were homebound from the quarantine, this was revolutionary. With so many people spending time indoors, it is great to know you can get, let’s say, cucumber margaritas delivered to your doorstep, anytime you’d like.

This revolutionary company out of Los Angeles has brought the bartender base’s knowledge to the shelved cocktail with the precision required to deliver a consistent cocktail experience every single time. Using a proprietary system that separates the fresh-pressed juice from the alcohol contents, the cocktail embarks on a journey, from the manufacturer to your house, never losing refrigeration and assuring maximum freshness. 

The prep and mix are minimal and allows you to interact with the beverage creation process instead of merely consuming. Once twisted to mix the liquids, the bartender at home can practice mixing and shaking the cocktail before pouring over ice. The variations from here are up to you. The garnish, glass, ice format, even a float of something more substantial, that’s all up to you. You can even throw it in a blender with some ice if slushies are your thing. It’s your house, your bar, your drink. The possibilities are endless, and the DRNXMYTH Cucumber Margarita is just what we needed for a massive day of celebrations both in Mexico and worldwide. 


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