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Don Buccio grew up in a traditional Mexican household and the neighborhood considered his home the epicenter of Mexican American culture. Don Buccio still remembers how his parents would welcome family and friends from all backgrounds to gatherings, serving tequila and uniting the community through authentic experiences and honoring traditional Mexican heritage and culture.

Don Buccio’s father worked for a tortilla company in Southern California, and from an early age, young Don Buccio would follow him along his routes absorbing all he could about the food and beverage industry. At 18, Don Buccio took a job at Pepsi, working his way up the corporate ladder over the years to become a pioneer of beverage distribution.

Don Buccio’s journey into tequila production began when he purchased some of the highest quality agave plants in Jalisco, Mexico. He has spent the last 20+ years perfecting his vision of creating a unique, yet authentic, premium agave spirit. Casa México Tequila encompasses our founder’s love for both Mexican culture and his family heritage — Rich in history. Rooted in tradition.

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Award-winning actor Mario Lopez first sipped Casa México Tequila after being introduced to it through his good friend Mark Roberts. Mario was so impressed by the tequila’s smooth, sophisticated palate that he jumped at the opportunity to have it served at his wedding in Punta Mita.

Casa México was a big hit at the wedding and to say Mario and his family and friends were fans is an understatement— they celebrated with 120 bottles!

Mario is not only an avid tequila lover; he is also one of Hollywood’s busiest men. He currently hosts NBC’s flagship entertainment news program ‘Access Hollywood’, iHeartMedia radio shows ‘On with Mario Lopez’ and ‘iHeartRadio Countdown with Mario Lopez’, and popular boxing podcast ‘The 3 Knockdown Rule’.

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Oscar De La Hoya – also known as “The Golden Boy” – was born in Los Angeles, California to a Mexican family with a proud boxing history. He grew up to become one of the greatest pound for pound fighters of his generation.

Throughout an illustrious career, Oscar won gold at the ’92 Barcelona Olympic Games and claimed ten world boxing titles across six weight classes. Oscar also founded Golden Boy Promotions – a boxing and MMA promotional firm whose reach also extends into the world of MLS soccer as Oscar became co-owner of MLS Western Conference team, Houston Dynamo.

Since retiring in 2009, Oscar De La Hoya has become recognized as an astute businessman through his company Golden Boy Promotions and a selfless philanthropist, refocusing much of his energy to revitalize the East LA neighborhood De La Hoya grew up in. Oscar’s humanitarian work continues to improve the daily lives of Los Angeles’ Latino population through educational programs and urban regeneration projects which target underserved inner-city communities.

Casa Mexico Tequila – Great Tasting tequila brand from Mexican roots

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Casa Mexico Tequila captures the authenticity of Mexican culture through its family’s premium, hand-selected blue agave plants.

Casa Mexico tequila holds a special place in our hearts along with Mexican Americans because not only did it start this business, but it was also the first product we launched back in 1999! It is made with 100% Blue Agave grown in red volcanic soil.

Casa Mexico Tequila is made by one of the oldest tequila producers in Mexico. They actually produce, cut, and distill their own agaves to ensure they are getting only the best quality available.

There are no added flavoring or coloring agents which ultimately helps bring out all the great qualities that you will taste!

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At one point, Casa Mexico Tequila announced a one-year partnership with the Los Angeles Rams giving Casa Mexico exclusive marketing rights at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the Los Angeles Rams games that season.

Our producers are the masterminds behind our tequila’s superior taste. They also have some of the most committed workers in the beverage industry who double-check every step along the way to ensure they always meet their high standards for quality! Their production plant is located in Jalisco so it makes sense that their love for premium tequila would create a smooth, delicious spirit!

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