Reposado Casa Mexico
Reposado Casa Mexico




Slow baked in clay ovens, naturally fermented, and double-distilled in stainless steel pot stills, our finished product then rests for a minimum of 6 months in new American White Oak barrels. This transformation allows the product to obtain its exceptional taste and golden hue through natural processes.

The sweet and subtle ginger notes, followed by a slight oak finish and hints of cinnamon, delightfully awaken your palate. Our reposado tequila is delicious and suitable for sipping or as the foundation for your favorite tequila-based cocktail.

  • 2021 Sip Awards Silver

Casa Mexico Reposado Tequila

Our master distiller and founder, Don Buccio, has put great care into producing this truly exceptional spirit. We use only the best methods to create Casa Mexico Reposado Tequila, producing a remarkable finished product.

Casa Mexico Tequila is slow-baked in clay ovens, double distilled, naturally fermented, and aged correctly in new American White Oak barrels for six months (halfway between our silver tequila and anejo tequila).

If you are looking for a quality tequila bottle to add to your home bar cart, Casa Mexico Tequila’s Reposado Tequila will fill your palate with joy at an affordable price that will keep you sipping and making tequila cocktails that you, your friends, and your family will all love.

Tasting Notes

  • Hints of Vanilla, Slight Oak Finish, Citrus, Blue Agave flavor, Cinnamon, Subtle Ginger Notes
  • NOM: 1455
  • ABV: 40%
  • Agave Region: Jalisco (Los Altos)
  • Fermentation: Naturally Fermented 100% Blue Agave
  • Still Type: Stainless Steel pot stills
  • Crushing: Roller Mill
  • Distillation: Double Distilled
  • Cooking: Brick Ovens
  • Aging: Six Months


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Reposado Casa Mexico


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