Blanco Casa Mexico
Blanco Casa Mexico
NYISC 2021 Silver




Slow baked in clay ovens, naturally fermented and double-distilled in stainless steel pot stills, our product presents as a remarkably smooth crystal-clear spirit. Each sip reveals graceful earth tones, followed by crisp sweet citrus, finishing with hints of spice. It is suitable both for sipping or as the foundation for your favorite tequila-based cocktail – however you enjoy it, we think you’ll find it to be the best silver tequila. Click below to buy tequila online or to read more about our silver tequila.

  • Sip Awards Double Gold
  • 2021 NY International Spirits Competition Silver
  • Cigar & Spirit – 2020 Double Gold
  • Cigar & Spirit – 2019 Best Silver
  • Tequila Mezcal Challenge – 2019 Silver
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition – 2019 Silver

Casa Mexico Tequila Silver (Blanco Tequila)

Tequila connoisseurs will love this premium tequila. The cooked agave (a very sweet agave) is slowly baked, making for a great tequila that can be sipped neat or enjoyed as a cocktail. Our Casa Mexico Blanco tequila is double distilled and naturally fermented.

Although there is no aging process (like all Blanco tequila), the finished product is full of flavor and great served with lime, in margaritas, and of course cocktails.

Casa Mexico uses some renewable resources and conservative farming techniques, to enhance the quality of agave for future generations.

Tasting Notes

  • Flavors: Clean, Crisp, Melon, Pear
  • NOM: 1455
  • ABV: 40%
  • Agave Region: Jalisco (Los Altos)
  • Fermentation: 100% agave
  • Still Type: Stainless Steel
  • Crushing: Roller Mill
  • Distillation: 2x Distilled
  • Cooking: Brick Ovens
  • Aging: Not Aged


Blanco Casa Mexico


Reposado Casa Mexico


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