The Top 6 Reasons to Sip Tequila (and the Best Sipping Tequila)

Tequila sipping has become more popular in recent years.

Read on to discover why many tequila enthusiasts feel that sipping this spirit is one of the best ways to enjoy it.

Sipping tequila is a great experience to enjoy, and if you haven’t tried it, we’ve listed six reasons why you should. If you’re wondering the best types of tequila to sip, keep reading!

1. Sipping tequila pays homage to Mexican culture and tradition.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are familiar with taking shots or drinking cocktails with your friends at the bar.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t how the Mexican culture (where tequila originates) intended us to drink this fine spirit because it doesn’t encourage proper appreciation of the liquor.

If you want to try drinking tequila like an enthusiast who knows how to fully appreciate it, then follow the Mexican culture’s lead — they can teach us quite a few things about sipping correctly!

CasaMexico GarnishGuy 40

In Mexico, tequila is meant to be sipped. To take sips of tequila is a cultural tradition and shows respect for the quality of the drink.

It is sipped slowly in between conversations and sips of beer. You not only relish the flavor of the spirit but also relish the company you are sharing it with. So before you drink your tequila, remember to show respect for the liquor by sipping it with good company. Salud! 

2. Sipping allows you to savor the flavors and aromas.

The best way to truly appreciate the subtle flavors of tequila is by sipping it. The flavors can be described as earthy, spicy, smoky, or whatever aromas you discover because it is made from the heart (also known as the piña) of the blue agave plant.

This complex taste comes from harvesting mature plants that are at least seven years old before they are roasted in brick ovens. Then, they are shredded with a roller mill to produce a classic caramel color and sweet aroma. This allows the sugar cane juice to ferment naturally in stainless or copper pot stills for six to eight days – creating high-quality tequilas.

Sipping tequila slowly allows you to savor each sip, enjoying its full flavor.

3. Sipping tequila is an experience in itself.

​​Tequila sipping is not only about enjoying the taste of tequila, but it’s also a fun and entertaining experience.

Take sips between conversations and laughter, appreciate the flavor, and know that you are part of a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years.

It’s comparable to sipping fine wine or cocktails, whether you want to sit back and socialize at home, or are out on the town.

best tequila for sipping

4. Sipping tequila is a new experience for most spirit aficionados.

If you haven’t sipped tequila before (and you’re salivating while reading this), there’s no time like the present!

​​Most people that drink tequila have not tried sipping it, so it can be a new experience for many tequila aficionados. 

Not only will it satisfy your cravings for distinct flavor, but it might also inspire you to be a new fan of sipping spirits.

Indulge in finding your favorite agave flavor – whether it be a silver, reposado, añejo, or extra añejo tequila.

5. Sipping tequila is one of the most sophisticated ways to enjoy the spirit. 

Sipping tequila is one of the most sophisticated ways you can consume this agave spirit. If you want to fully enjoy sipping this fine spirit, you’ll want a stylish glass.

The best glasses for sipping are larger and tulip-shaped, allowing for the aromatic compounds to gather in the middle, rise to the opening, and delight all of your senses

You can enjoy sipping your tequila neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water. The perfect sipping glasses will add to the overall experience, while also showcasing its beautiful color.

For some inspiration, try checking out glasses like the Oaxaca Tequila glass, a Venero Crystal glass, or Dragon Glassware Diamond glass. Even a simple Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass is sure to up your tequila sipping game.

6. Sipping tequila helps you to drink responsibly. 

If sipping is not your style, you can always enjoy tequila shots or cocktails. However, sipping has its benefits because it aids in moderation, allowing you to enjoy the spirit slowly and responsibly.

Sipping tequila is very likely to grow on you if you find a spirit that you like. Speaking of finding the right spirit…

Here are the different types of sipping tequilas.

Now that we have covered a few great reasons to sip tequila, let’s find out which type of sipping tequilas are best for you. Tequilas vary in color and flavor depending on how long they were aged before being bottled.

Blanco tequila

Blanco (or silver) tequila is packaged into a bottle right after the distillation process and aged for a maximum of two months. This means the blue agave plants’ flavor is still strong and the color is clear.

Is blanco tequila good for sipping?

When it comes to tequila for sipping, a blanco tequila typically is used in mixed drinks, not for sipping, because it has a much different flavor profile than a reposado or añejo tequila.

>> Click here to read how to make the perfect margarita with Casa Mexico’s Blanco Tequila.

Reposado tequila

The aging process of reposado tequila makes it an excellent choice for sipping.

Reposado is aged for a minimum of two to 11 months in oak barrels before being bottled.

These oak barrels, also known as oak casks, can be American oak barrels, French oak barrels, or even used whiskey or bourbon barrels.

Each kind of oak barrel will complement the agave notes and flavor profile in a slightly different way.

The increased aging gives it more character than silver or blanco tequilas but not as much character as an añejo tequila.

Is reposado a good sipping tequila?

Reposado tequila tends to be a favorite sipping choice for many because of the increased flavor and character it has compared to silver or blanco sippers.

Añejo tequilas

Añejos have darker colors ranging from golden browns to deep reds that come from being aged for a minimum of one year up to several years.

Tequila sippers will really enjoy the deeper flavor profile that an añejo has compared to a blanco or reposado sipper, but it is best enjoyed neat like whiskey, rather than sipped on ice.

This type of sipping spirit also has deeper flavors compared to all other types of sipping spirits.

Is añejo tequila the best tequila for sipping?

Some say that añejos are even better than aged cognacs when comparing them side by side! 

A great option is our Casa Mexico Añejo Tequila. You’ll be impressed by the quality and value you are getting for $43.

An expensive top-shelf sipping tequila such as Don Julio 1942 sells for about $150 on average, but there are plenty more reasonably priced choices, too, if you don’t want to spend quite so much money (for your accounting purposes 😉.)

Extra añejo tequila

Finally, there’s extra añejo agave tequila, which tastes similar to an añejo since they are aged for a minimum of three years in French or American oak barrels, or oak barrels used for aging wine/other spirits before being bottled.

Extra añejo is rarer because limited bottles are released each year due to its highly intensive production process. So, these spirits tend to be more expensive and sipped on special occasions.

Is extra añejo tequila good for sipping?

Extra añejo tequila is best enjoyed neat and sipped slowly like the other sipper types we’ve covered so far. Sipping is one of the best ways to enjoy this kind of tequila because of its long aging and complexity of flavor.

Blanco, reposado, and añejo all have unique flavor profiles, and extra añejo tequilas feature a robust flavor profile.

So what are the best sipping tequilas?

There isn’t “the best sipping tequila” or tequila brand since it all comes down to your personal preference, but we believe that you can’t go wrong with sipping Casa Mexico’s 100% Agave Tequila.

All three of our products are full of rich flavor and character. But don’t take our word for it – you should try them yourself and be the judge of which of our tequilas is your favorite sipper. 

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What is the cost of sipping tequilas?

Typically, tequilas to sip are not inexpensive because they are higher quality than your average silver tequila. It is wise to savor each sip and slowly drink them with good company, as was intended.

There is a wide range of tequila to sip, which you can find at many different price points. We don’t recommend finding the cheapest one out there if you plan to sip on it.

For example, Casa Mexico Tequila (Reposado) is the best sipping tequila under 50 bucks at only $37.

Casa Mexico Reposado The Best Mexican Tequila

Our reposado is one of the best tequilas for sipping to add to your bar cart for a tequila lover that likes to sip regularly.

With Casa Mexico Reposado Tequila, you will enjoy top-shelf quality without breaking the bank compared to top-shelf brand tequilas like Mijenta Tequila Reposado or a Weber Blue agave tequila like Roca Patrón Reposado or Clase Azul Reposado that can all cost $100+ for a bottle. Those add up after a while! 

You can buy Casa Mexico Tequila through our retail links here.

One sip of Casa Mexico Tequila and you might fall in love. 

It’s no wonder that sipping tequila is growing in popularity. Now that you are well educated on everything there is to know about sipping tequila, you can save the margarita mix and cocktails for another day, and learn to savor the flavor of a great tequila. Make master distillers like Don Buccio, Don Julio González, or Carlos Camarena proud by drinking tequila the way it was meant to be.


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