Rich in History. Rooted in Tradition.


How it Began.

A Truly Exceptional Spirit

Casa México Tequila is honored to partner with a family owned hacienda that uses centuries-old, traditional processes handed down over generations. Our partners Mario Lopez and Oscar de la Hoya and Master Distiller have worked hand in hand to create a truly exceptional spirit. Casa México Tequila encompasses our partners love for both Mexican culture and family heritage, inspiring a product that is both rich in history and rooted in tradition.

How it’s Made.

The Harvesting Process

Our tequila is estate grown and distilled using plants harvested exclusively from our agave fields. The region’s temperate climate allows cool ocean air currents to interact with the heat of the desert to enhance the quality and complexity of the agave, allowing them to flourish. Our plants spend at minimum 6 years maturing before moving through the harvesting process. Our tequila is made from 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber.

How it Grew.

Our Popularity

The response to Casa México Tequila was overwhelming and caught the attention of fellow tequila connoisseur and actor Mario Lopez. Upon tasting Casa México Tequila, Mario immediately knew it was something special and joined the company as an investor and supporter. Soon after Mario’s long-time friend and boxing legend, Oscar De La Hoya, joined the team.

How it’s Continued.

Cultures, Customs, and Values

Through a shared commitment rooted in traditional Mexican culture, these Angelinos have worked tirelessly to bring this authentic, smooth tequila to the world. Casa México Tequila embodies everything that they set out to accomplish and in doing so captures the spirit and unity of a true Mexican household.



Casa Mexico Blanco The Best Mexican Tequila | Casa Mexico Tequila Silver


Casa Mexico Reposado Tequila The Best Mexican Tequila


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